Emergency Cricothyrotomy

Massive angioedema states and injury in battlefields can call to get a crisis Circothyrotomy procedure. Emergency is performed if there’s an obstruction at the airway that was thoracic and intubation isn’t feasible. The process is not difficult to perform since it does not need cervical spine manipulation.

To perform this process, a doctor that is trained creates an incision between the cartilage that is Circothyroid and the thyroid gland. Adhering to this slit, another incision at the membrane is finished. To expand the hole, then there is a clamp added and rotated 90 degrees. An end tracheal tube having an inner diameter of 6 to 7 mm is added into match the cuff.

After this procedure valve device with higher concentration of oxygen is utilized to give the individual with ventilation. The rise and fall of the chest monitors the success of this process. The tube is removed after the individual has been transferred into a medical care centre or a hospital. The process was awarded by a surgeon and anatomist, Vic d’ azure and because of its life-saving capacities, Circothyrotomy gained fame.

An initial responder or a physician who is trained in the process must carry catheter syringe, and tubing distress scenarios without difficulty.

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