Safety rules when using a drill press

Those who operate machinery are quick to advise users to put safety as the top priority. To ensure maximum safety, users of a drill press must wear appropriate safety glasses at all time of operation. Even the best drill press operated by professionals would also call for precautionary measures. Before getting anywhere near a drill press stand, the start and stop button of the drill press must be in easy reach of the operator. In addition to this, users should also keep in mind to use a brush or rake to remove any cuttings formed from operating the drill press.

Besides this, the drill press floor must be kept free of any grease and oil. Similarly, it is also essential to keep the working surface clean of tools, materials, and scraps that would possibly jeopardize the safety of the operation. From a more technical perspective, users are advised to decrease the drilling pressure when the drills start to penetrate through the workpiece. This step is vital in ensuring that the drill does not pull into the work and risk breaking it. Furthermore, a clamp or a drill vise should be used to keep the work from spinning and securing it firmly in place.

Additionally, it is commonly advised to apply lubricant to the drill bit before drilling into any metal materials. Without doing so, there could be detrimental consequences in terms of the safety of the user and quality of the work. Lastly, in order to minimize injuries and risks when using a bench drill press, consumers should read and take considerations with reviews provided online before purchasing a drill press. Websites such as are a good example of online sources that offer detailed reviews for every brand and model of bench drill presses. In conclusion, safety is an aspect that can include a variety of approaches to upholding and should be enforced at all times.