The Making of an Adventure Map

Among the most beloved items in Minecraft online is your experience map. An experience map revolves around a principal plot-line, however, can be extremely original. Hopefully one of my maps will gradually achieve that degree of popularity.

The map revolves around the quest to save your kidnapped family (horse, dog, and wife)one by you, and also to detect the identity of the kidnapper. I haven’t completely finished writing the map but I will tell you there is going to be a massive plot twist.

I’ll now give you some insight to what I have done to create this experience map, but I won’t provide it all away. I would not wish to destroy the map to get you!

I discovered a fantastic seed having a little island to begin my map.

I constructed a very simple residence and added lots of details into the map. All fantastic experience maps are complex enough to have replay value. . ) I included! There can not be too much better.

After building and decorating on the staircase, I hid clues all over the area. I left the clues concealed off where they were simple to get but difficult to discover.

After concealing the hints, I constructed a large wooden vessel with a mast, under everything and decks. The ship could just be stopped once all of the clues were discovered. It’s frequently a fantastic idea to put in a ship to an experience map since they can provide a mode of transportation.

After constructing the ship, I utilized an outside editing app, mc-edit, to replicate the ship on the beaches of another far-off island. Using command cubes, I let gamers to teleport between the ships. This provides the illusion of traveling.

After I got this much I moved back to the beginning of the map also started optimizing it. I describe checked my hints and novels, played via the map, re-hid a few hints.

From the section I included parkour. Never include parkour you cannot make yourself!

Then I produced the third part of this map. The finale is the longest toughest and most exciting region of the map.

Thank you for reading! I shall update you guys soon in my own progress.